On Water

Gippsland Lakes Tall Ship Cruise on the Coral Trekker

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On your 1.5 hour cruise of our world famous Gippsland Lakes, you'll experience the beauty of our region, the wind in your hair and the salty spray of the water as you enjoy the old world charm of classic tall ship.

Nibbles provided, with refreshments and snacks available for purchase on board.

Between Thursday 3rd March 2022 2PM and Tuesday 8th March 2022 4PM

Departing Paynesville - jetty details to follow
The Esplanade , Paynesville, vic 3880

Bookings: https://TryBooking.com/BIOFE

The Grand Parade

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Watch on as an unforgettable sight of 300 boats of all makes, models and propulsion cruise past in our Grand Parade.

The visual highlight of the Rally, see steam boats puff past alongside honey wooded motor boats, rowed skiffs alongside majestic sailboats, and dragon boats dwarfed but beautifully partnered with a square rigged tall ship.

Saturday morning on the Paynesville straights.

Bote-Cote Quick and Dirty Boat Build

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Fancy yourself as a boat builder? Got some weird and wonderful ideas? Love having fun? 

Get some mates together - or your kids! - and put your team and your imagination to work in the Quick and Dirty Boat Challenge. 

Planning and designing can take place in the weeks leading up to the Rally, and then the Teams have 2 hours to build their boat using 2 sheets of ply, a couple of lengths of timber and Bote Cote (all provided) on the Saturday afternoon. Decorating can be done later, after the epoxy dries. And then the real fun starts on Sunday, with a short dash on the water to see if the craft actually floats. This is where creative interpretation of the rules kicks in! Not that cheating is encouraged ...

The event is sponsored by Bote Cote and trophies are awarded for a number of categories. The competition makes great entertainment, drawing large crowds.  

Bote-Cote Quick & Dirty entries (link to entries page)
Bowie Medling Bang and Return

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The Bowie Medling Bang and Return event is back! Created especially for fishing boats all entrants line up at the starting point and when the flag is dropped they're off... This is not a race, its a challenge of wits and will. There is a lead boat, and boats can choose to go slow or fast, but they can not adjust their speed during the event.

After a fair but undisclosed distance the lead boat (at a moment only they know ) drop a flag and everyboat must turn around and head back. The leader is now the follower and many places are shuffled in the skill of a good turn.

It's all about the tactics, do you go slow so you are now first and fast ones are last/ or do chose speed from the start and hope you have the skills to split the pack? Water fights and friendly banter are a must, fun and laughter are also compulsory.
Parade of Power

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Rally 2022, Parade of Power invites all motorboats to a circuit display near the foreshore. Show your motorboat at its best - on water and in action. The circuit will be followed by a self guided cruise of the Gippsland Lakes before returning to the on land display area.

NB: Speed restriction lifting is in application with the authorities. In the event that restrictions are not in place for this feature, motorboats may still enter the water for the Grand Parade, and then cruise to speed zones better suited for your boat.
The Sail Past

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On Sunday we pay homage to the magnificence of boats under sail.

There’s a special relaxed and spectacular something that happens when sailboats come together, and as they sail past Paynesville just meters from the shore, you’ll get to appreciate all the beauty and splendour behind these lovely old vessels.