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Length: 12.2m, Beam: 4.35m, Draft: 1.2m 
Propulsion:  Inboard
Construction:  The vessel was constructed in aluminium by Elite Marine, Henderson WA. The efficient catamaran hull form is propelled by 2 x D4 225 Volvo Penta engines at a maximum speed of 23.5 knots.  The vessel cruises nicely at 19 knots using only 75 litres of fuel per hour.
Owner:  TAFE Gippsland, Lakes Entrance Vic. (Skipper Brad Lancaster)
Launched in 2016, Bar-Ba-Ka was originally owned by Environment Protection Authority Victoria. She was used for environmental monitoring and response to emergencies on waterways within Port Phillip and Westernport. Bar-Ba-Ka was named by the people of the Boon-Wurrung community, meaning "porpoise".
In 2022, TAFE Gippsland purchased the vessel. Additional navigation and communications equipment was installed, including 4 screens operating TimeZero Professional, radar, internet connectivity and cameras.
The vessel is used to train seafarers in navigation, vessel operation, and operations management. The vessel is also fitted with sophisticated water sampling and testing equipment which can operate while the vessel is underway. The large internal volume, stout seaworthiness, and extended range make Bar-Ba-Ka the ideal training vessel.
The efficient catamaran hull form is propelled by 2 x D4 225 Volvo Penta engines at a maximum speed of 23.5 knots.
Our primary objective in participating in the Rally is to proudly present this vessel and, by extension, our maritime training programs for professional and recreational boaters.
We acknowledge that our vessel may not fit the traditional definition of a "classic" boat. However, we firmly believe that it possesses a distinct and significant role within the maritime community. The vessel serves as a vital tool in the training of numerous local professional mariners who contribute to our thriving maritime industry.
"Bar-Ba-Ka" is, in essence, a symbol of progress in the realm of professional and recreational mariner education. It represents a substantial advancement in the development of practical, real-world skills within our industry. We look forward to the opportunity to showcase this unique vessel and its role in shaping the future of our maritime workforce.