Length: 12.5m, Beam: 4.4m Draft: 1.22m
:  Sail
:  Solid GRP with integral ballasted keel
Owner:  Russell Broomhall, Paynesville VIC

I bought
Pandora in October 2020.  Whilst the exterior of the hull had been very well resurfaced, the deck had seen 45 years of wear and tear. There were 256 holes in the deck that needed grinding, glassing and filling. I got it up to a stage, then passed it on to Tim Heaney of Frecheville Heaney boats who re-sprayed the deck, interior and did the antifouling.
The previous owner bought Pandora at public auction at the Port Authority in Sydney after it was abandoned as a "mooring minder"
Subsequently I designed and built a new rig and sails. The boat now looks very loved (it is) and races often here at the GLYC.
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 RCBR-223-02.jpg 584x284 (pixels)