Length: 8.5m, Beam: 3m, Draft: 1.0m
Propulsion: diesel propeller driven
Construction: Full length NZ Kauri planking, red gum keel and stern.  Fan-tailed.
Owner: Prue Taylor, Bairnsdale, Vic.
The Wanderer is an icon of the Gippsland Lakes and the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club.  Built in 1883 by solicitor WB Thomson as a gaff-rigged sailing boat and later, in 1906, converted to a launch.   Full reconstruction by Frecheville Heaney Boats in 2003. She is now owned by WB Thomson’s great-granddaughter Prue Taylor (nee Thomson) and her husband Neale.  Reluctantly she is for sale at present through Webster Marine Paynesville. The Wanderer fills all 6 criteria for a “Classic Boat”!

Built by William Brendon Thomson in Williams Parade Bairnsdale...


 RCBR-207-00.jpg 637x845 (pixels)




 The Wanderer, late 1880s, as a gaff-rigged sail boat on the Gippsland Lakes








...The Wanderer had a 23 foot jarrah keel that was 11 inches wide.  Planked edge on edge with no glue or caulking in between and edge nailed through the width of each plank with three inch flathead nails.  The planks were shaped.  She was converted to a motor launch probably in the 1920's.  When Bert Cliff owned her in the 1960s she was showing rust stains but the nails had lasted and she was then reasonably sound.  She was sold and went to New South Wales.  The daughter of Brendon Thomson found her in a shed in NSW and brought her home.  She was restored by Frecheville Heaney 2005.

Source: Directory of Paynesville Boat Builders and Wooden Boats, Bruce Reynolds and Peter Stokes.