RCBR-1117-00.jpg 1275x517 (pixels)
Length: 13.41m 
Propulsion:  Oar
:  Fibreglass
Owner:  Kingfisher Dragon Boat Club, Paynesville Vic.
Courage purchase  by the Kingfisher Dragon  Boat Club Paynesville Inc was made possible through direct donations from the Paynesville community. She can be seen during weekly training on the waterways of Paynesville.
The Kingfisher Dragon Boat Club Paynesville Inc. was officially launched in January 2023 . Our emblem the Azure Kingfisher is symbolic of Freedom, Courage, Adventure and Balance. Qualities we aspire to emulate as a Paynesville Community based sporting Dragon Boat Club. We are inclusive of all age groups, gender and ability. We now have 50+ full members and welcome people to Come and Try our sport.
We train Wednesdays, Thursday and Saturday leaving from the Paynesville Public Jetty near the GLYC . In addition to our on water program our members also access an off water gym program and extensive program of regular social activities, that foster friendships and community connections.
Through incredible support from the Paynesville community and sponsors we have been able to purchase the two latest generation Dragon Boats you see here today.