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Length: 11.43m, Beam: 3.5m, Draft: 1.3m
Propulsion:  Inboard diesel
Construction:  Timber
Owner:  Zoe Blandford, Meerlieu, Vic.
Papeo is an 11.4m timber saloon cruiser, built in Rushcutter Bay, Sydney 1939. Papeo means little ship in Polynesian. She served in WWII in the naval auxiliary patrol.
After the war Papeo was used for cruising and fishing, and was the fishing boat of choice for celebrities Lee Marvin and John Denver when they came to Australia.
The boat has history as a passenger cruiser on the Hopkins River, Warrnambool and as a supply vessel to service Lady Juliet Percy Island.
Papeo is great old boat with lots of history and charm, now owned by Zoe Blandford.