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Length: 5.63m, Beam: 2.28m, Draft: 0.53m 
Propulsion:  Sail, electric motor
:  Torqeedo outboard
:  Ply lapstake, botecote
Owner:  Kevin Svenson, Paynesville Vic.
Designed by Iain Oughtred, and self-built over 5 years.  Most components made at the Paynesville Men's Shed, then the boat was constructed under a neighbour's house.  48v electric motor being installed, using a Torqeedo auxiliary motor in the meantime.  Launched July 2021.
Named after the ship that my great grandmother sailed to Australia on, after running away from home (Scotland) in 1861.  She went on to become a local legend at Aberfeldy near Walhalla.