RCBR-1102-00.jpg 342x238 (pixels)
Length: 4.88m, Beam: 1.83m, Draft: 0.76m 
Propulsion: shaft driven prop
: Blaxland Chapman twin 5/7hp inboards
: fibreglass
Owner: David Newton, Sale Vic.
"Freddie" was purchased in 2009 from a dear gentleman Fred Wheatland (now dec.)  It has been restored to as near as original as possible.  Originally purchased from Dandy Marine in 1963 complete with "Blaxland Chapman twin" Fred added a forward and reverse gearbox and a starter generator a year later.  It has been well known in the Mallacoota lakes during January holidays by Fred and now myself.
I enjoyed taking the boat back every summer to show Fred the improvements; a good friend of Fred's once told me that I had prolonged his life just by loving and restoring "his" boat.  Fred and I would do a sail past every Australia day until he passed away in 2015.