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Length: 7.92m, Beam: 3.05m, Draft: 0.91m 
Propulsion:  Inboard
:  New Vetus 4 Cylinder 33HP diesel engine.
Construction:  Timber carvel hull (NZ Kauri) with Qld Beech Deck.
Owner:  Justin Nix, Leopold Vic.
Katherine (formally Gosling) was built in the 50's as a Bass Strait fishing motor boat. Although she has original chain plates fitted, there is no evidence to suggest she has ever carried a sailing rig or mast. Evidence suggests that she is a Lacco designed and built boat. Katherine has lived on the Gippsland Lakes for at least the previous 20 years.  Following my purchase in early 2023, Katherine has undergone an extensive refit and major restoration work by local Mark Henger Traditional Boatbuilder.
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