Length: 11.6m, Beam: 3.8m, Draft: 1.2m
Propulsion:  Inboard diesel
Construction:  Queensland spotted gum, Iron bark keel
Owner:  Peter Bell, Eagle Point, Vic.
Moongalba, a robust timber cruiser, boasts a spotted gum construction with an ironbark keel. Originally categorized as a Norman Wright cruiser, it has since been reclassified as a Morton Bay cruiser. The vessel underwent significant modifications, including the addition of a tonne of lead by a local shipwright and an engine upgrade to a Caterpillar 3036 in 2012. Though its origins tie back to a retired Norman Wright shipwright in Brisbane, it no longer appears on official Norman Wright vessel lists. Launched in 1968 after changing ownership, Moongalba is a 6-berth twin-cabin cruiser, later relocated to Victoria in 2010.
The vessel has ventured to Tasmania for the Wooden Boat Festival in 2014. Over the years, Moongalba has seen various modifications, including cabin extensions and bilge keels implemented by previous owners. The helm has been rebuilt and outfitted with an advanced autopilot and chart plotter under the current ownership. The vessel's history is deeply rooted, with its construction initiated by shipwright Mr. Don Goss in Lota, Brisbane.  Purchased by Monty Tickle after over 15 years of construction, Moongalba found its way to Manly Harbour, eventually being fitted out at the Brian Thompson boatyard in Bulimba. Known for its spacious aft and party boat ambiance, Moongalba has seen several owners, with John Mulligan taking ownership in October 2010, overseeing substantial improvements, including a new cat motor and other enhancements.
Peter Bell, the current owner, acquired Moongalba in July 2019.
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