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Length: 10.4m, Beam: 3.9m 
Propulsion:  Inboard
Construction:   Dual thickness marine ply, dynel sheathed 
Owner:   Gordon Rose, Lakes Entrance Vic.
Semi planing vessel, built at Port Albert to use for Bass Strait island trips and fishing and launched in 1976.  We purchased in 1979 and initially transported to Paynesville by the Stringers.  Lived at Metung for 2-3 years, then moved to Sale when Port of Sale facility available. Was moored next to the RAAF PT boat which is a feature of this event between early 1980's and when we finally moved the boat to Lakes Entrance in 2003. Was also moored at Loch Sport marina on and off over the 80s-90s. Ironically even at our mooring in Lakes Entrance we were situated again next to the PT boat prior to Harry Bowman donating it to the RAAF. The Wahoo has made many a trip between the Port of Sale and Lakes Entrance over the years prior to finally moving it permanently to the North Arm in Lakes.