Length: 4.3m, Beam: 1.5m, Draft: 0.9m 
Propulsion:  Oars, outboard, sail
:  Ply on timber frame
Owner:   Richard Connelly, Buln Buln East, Vic.
Red Robin, at 65 years, was rebuilt during COVID lockdown in 2020/21.  Has since been used regularly for cruising throughout Gippsland Lakes including 5 days camping/cruising with 1 adult and 2 children. Now set up as cruising dinghy, has a boom tent and electrics fitted including bilge pump and motor. This particular boat is of a limited numbers /class allowed to have mast stepped on the deck, as allowed for a shorter mast to be shipped from UK, which accurately enables age to be set as 1954-58, and has hull number of 527, with current number of production around the 14,000 mark.
Boat is currently stored on Raymond Island and sails from Paynesville.