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Length: 3.89m, Beam: 1.85m
:  Sail
:  Plywood slot and glue
Owner:   Richard Cove, Inverloch Vic.
Aquanimity, a Miracle, Sail number 1094 was originally sailed at the Hampton Sailing Club from the late 1970s. HSC is located adjacent to the old (and decrepit) Hampton Pier and next door to Sandringham Yacht Club, home of a huge fleet of keel boats and property developers!
Its history dates from the formation of the Victorian Ladies Yacht Club formed in 1945 by a group of strong willed women who, sick of being pushed about by male dominated clubs. They were allowed to crew on their husbands or partners boats but no recognition was given to those craft that had female crew. Hence no awards or trophies.
The women assembled a fleet of Sabots for sail training purposes and the new Club prospered. As the membership grew so did the number and classes of boats they were sailing. Eventually the club moved to new premises at its current location to the west of Hampton Pier in the mid 1960s.
One of the members decided to build her own dinghy in the spare room of her home. She chose a Miracle, designed by the great Jack Holt. In fact the Miracle was Holts last design. This intrepid women sailed the Miracle for many years, of course children intervened and sailing took second place. Eventually the family decided that sailing wasnt their sport and did other activities.
This Miracle has sat under cover for a few decades and she offered it to a new home. As SGYC (South Gippsland Yacht Club) is the home of one of Victorias premier vintage boat festivals it was offered to a SGSC member.
The dinghy was in good condition for a 50 year old hand built boat.  The brightwork is in need of sanding and a few new coats, as is the hull.  Foils, spars (aluminium) and sails are in good condition.  The restoration has progressed over winter 2023 and it will be ready to sail by December.   Weight : 77kg  Sail Area : 8.9m sq