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Length: 5.48m, Beam: m, Draft: 0.3m 
Propulsion:  Sail, oars
:  Clinker
Owner:   Roger Spooner, Corio Vic.
This is the only example of a Port Philip sea pilots tender used between 1840 - 1940 to transfer pilots from mother ship to inbound ship 7nm out in Bass Strait day and night in all weather . The design was used until introduction of the inboard engine in 1945, after which rowers were no longer needed.
This tender was used on the ships Mavis, Rip, Prospine, Akuna, Victoria, Alvina. Louise has also been part of my family since 1965 and was the founding vessel of the lagoon boat club Geelong.  In 2021 I restored her to original condition relying on oars and sail only and use her every summer.